The programs, workshops and seminars offered by Miami International Executive Education® are suitable for professionals in all industries---from business owners to senior executives---seeking to pursue a higher level of knowledge, accelerate their career growth, improve performance and drive innovation. Our program's portfolio includes:


  • Sport Management Programs​

  • Corporate Governance Programs

  • Leadership Programs

  • In Company Programs

  • C-Suite, Advisory Board and Board of Directors Services

  • Mentoring and Counseling

  • Workshops

  • Forums

  • Customized Training

  • E-Learning Programs


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Corporate and Customized Programs


The schedule you choose, the location you want, the results you need.

Our goal is developing your business through programs which leverage individual capabilities and knowledge to produce organizational advancement.

Corporate and Customized programs have been used by leading local and worldwide organizations and helped hundreds of participants advance through high quality professional development. Our programs provides a broad range of solutions which are focused on improving individual performance, team performance, and bringing results to your organization.




  • Conferences

  • Forums

  • Workshops

InGenius Prep and Miami International Executive Education have established an exclusive partnership to offer educational counseling services to students throughout Latin America and Latin Europe. Click here.


Together, we have designed a custom program that meets the unique challenges of Latin American and Latin European students and works to increase their undergraduate or graduate admissions success.


We do everything by video chat, phone, and internet. That means you get access to over 100 Former Admissions Officers and over 75 Graduate Coaches—current students or recent graduates from top-ranked professional programs— all the way from South America or Europe, and you never have to travel to get to us.


When you sign up with us, you will receive dedicated, personalized, one-on-one and two-on-one assistance. Through structured video chat and phone sessions, and continuous online essay editing and drafting, our admissions experts will walk you through every step of the process.


From figuring out which universities are a good fit for your academic, professional, and personal goals, to crafting your application strategy, to editing countless drafts of your essays, to interview preparation, InGenius Prep and Miami International Executive Education will ensure that your application is as compelling, unique, and memorable as possible.


We are former admissions officers from the most competitive schools around the country. We are the top students from the best graduate and professional programs. Together, we are your admissions team.


When you work with us, you work with the people who designed and ran the admissions processes at the most competitive schools around. No matter which university you aspire to, if you want to achieve your goals and outperform your odds, we are here to help.


✓  Undergraduate Team: Former Admissions Officers from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Princeton, Columbia, UPenn, and Brown Colleges.

✓  Graduate Team: Former Admissions Officers from Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Booth, Columbia, MIT, Stern, Haas, and Yale Business Schools

      and Masters Programs.


For more information and to register, contact: Miami International Executive Education, +1 305 748 0862 or e-mail

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